Spiky Newborn Dinosaur Found in D.C. Beltway

The baby dinosaur, measuring a mere five inches, likely drowned in a stream.

Lionhead Bunny

Lionhead bunny is a breed of domestic rabbit in America. It is from another wool breed. They are fluffy, but they actually have less fur than the true wool breeds so they require less grooming. Lionhead bunnies make great pets and they easily get used to human contact. However, caring for the bunny can be a little more difficult than other bunnies because it does require grooming. (I said it requires less grooming than other wool breeds.. but it still needs grooming!)

If you don’t groom your bunny, then there is a chance your bunny will make a mess when it poops. The bunny might also groom itself if you don’t removing excess hair by combing it regularly. What’s the downside of leaving your rabbit grooming to itself? It might consume too much fur. It might lead to wool block, a blockage in the digestive system that can be fatal.

So what can you do? Well, groom your bunny! A high fiber diet for the rabbit will also help prevent wool block because it moves food a lot quicker through the digestive system. You will still need to watch what rabbit food you feed the bunny though. Not everything is the same. If you’re feeding the rabbits pellets, check to see if they contain solely of finely ground particles because it may contribute to wool block. You should also feed your bunny grass hay.

So what is cuter than a lionhead bunny? Simple. Lionhead bunnies! If you want to breed your own lionhead bunny, it is pretty easy. Because the gene for making the mane is dominant, so if you have a purebred lionhead bunny, you can crossbreed it with any other bunny and the babies will carry a lionhead mane. If your lionhead bunny isn’t a purebred, then one half of the babies will have the mane.

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